May 04, 2022
Mike Rothman

I thought I was done with my initial round of seed funding for Fatherly when I attended the Alpha event in Monterrey back in the Fall of 2014. After a long night on Saturday, I walked in to the conference room on Sunday morning about ten minutes before the end of the event when I saw Charles Hudson and Stephanie Palmeri sitting behind a table, fist-in-cheek with their elbows propped up against the table top.

Stephanie asked me what I did and I started describing the vision for Fatherly. Stephanie slowly perked up. By the next day I had a call scheduled with Jeff and the whole SoftTech (now UnCork Capital) team. Days after that I had a term sheet and based on SoftTech’s interest, we opened up the round to accommodate them. They’ve since become our lead investor and sit on our board, all because of a chance encounter at the very last 10-minutes of a long, and ultimately incredibly pivotal Alpha weekend.

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