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Virtual Discussion

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 - 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM, PDT

Apr 7 2021

*Waitlist Only* DataOps Roundtable: Shrinking the Data Pipeline

The Alpha Network is bringing together a select group of founders, executives, and data engineering leaders across the community to join a virtual roundtable on DataOps: Shrinking the Data Pipeline. The discussion will be moderated by Andy Palmer, CEO of Tamr and George Fraser, CEO of FiveTran, and will cover the latest trends in the data infrastructure landscape, why DataOps is becoming an important part of digital transformation, and best practices / tools for companies seeking greater data agility. The discussion will be moderated by Andy Palmer, Co-Founder and CEO of Tamr, and George Fraser, CEO of Fivetran.


  • What are the components of data ops? 
  • Build vs. Buy
  • Key blockers and challenges to enabling data agility in the enterprise
  • Building a DataOps team: How do you get management buy-in? Who are the stakeholders? Where does the budget come from?
  • Addressing the data engineering gap
  • How cloud data warehouses have changed the game 
  • What is missing in the stack that needs to exist?

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